PHP is one of the widely adopted and applied scripting level languages. It is used in the development of dynamic, interactive, flexible, compelling websites and web applications. PHP application development, whether for a website or web app, has always been an economical yet the safest technology. In technical term, PHP is a general purpose scripting language planted into HTML source. The source is translated at the back-end through the PHP engine module. The rendered output is a webpage or HTML document.


Softkey Technologies has well-know PHP web developers that know the most functional ways to utilize the power of PHP environment and its capacity. With this knowledge, softkey's website & web app developers are able to efficiently tap for clients' benefits through a securest system that works according to the requirement of their businesses




Custom PHP application development: As a leading PHP web development service provider we offer an inclusive range of solutions tailored to the requirement of clients. Our service spectrum covers PHP website development, PHP application development, custom PHP web/website development and allied productive solutions. Each of our services adheres to ongoing industrial standards.







Some of the PHP development services we provide:


  • Web Portals or Websites - Dynamic or interactive
  • Marketing Websites/Product Websites/E-Commerce Websites
  • Gaming Applications
  • Integrated Web Services
  • Social Networking or Community Websites


Benefits attached with PHP Web Development:



PHP is free
PHP is an open source web technology and thus available for free. It is also free from any restrictive license. Developers can create their own PHP version to power their web solutions. It has turned out to be a trendiest web technology and is indeed posing a serious flexibility threat to proprietary languages like JAVA and ASP.NET.


More About Us

Softkey Technologies is a software and Web development company established in 2011 serving domestic and offshore clients in various technical aspects. Our vision is to become a world leader in vertical IT solutions & services. To achieve our vision, our team strives to deliver innovative, reliable and cost effective solutions & services.

Our mission is to be the customer's first choice for IT solutions. Our main focus on delivering innovative and cost effective solutions to its customers. Our exclusive services are based on our aptitude, resource, as well as the ability to discover, design, develop, and deliver both native and cross-platform mobile applications for all the platforms in trend.